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We can give you upto 1 Million Naira Salary Advance with Ashton Cash

That's the Ashton Cash Advantage

See how much loan you can take

The Ashton Cash Advantage

No Account Opening

Use your salart account

Upto 6 Months

Loan repayment plan available

No Long Queues

Instant payment within minutes

How It Works?

Criteria For Application

You can get upto 1 Million naira loan with Ashton Cash if you meet the following criteria

  1. You must be a salary earner
  2. You must be a confirmed staff
  3. You must be between 12-59 years
  4. You must have a pension account
  5. You must have a valid means of identification

What Docuents Do I Need?

Before you apply for a loan with us, please have the following documents handy for validation and verification;

  1. Your staff ID card
  2. Driver's License, International Pasport or Voters Card
  3. Past 3 month's bank statement
  4. Pension Statement
  5. Guarantors Docuentation

Ashtoncorps Solutions

ASHTONCORP SOLUTIONS is a company providing Accounting, System Automation and other financial services to various private, corporate and public sector clients since 1999.